Didn't get the job...Again

Amongst all the books I'm illustrating right now, I was asked to RE-do some character submissions in another style for a client. They were revisiting the project, apparently, because they still hadn't settled on an illustrator. I had submitted some samples previously but they came back a while later and asked for ones done in this style. So I did them, but once again, I didn't end up getting the job. But it's always good exposure to be asked, to submit, and be seen. (I'm a glass half full kind of girl) It just made for a more busy week one week. What do you think of this limited color and airbrush smooth look?


  1. I think Frankly Frannie is adorable! I do like this smooth look, but I really like your more painterly pieces! These are definitely a great addition to your portfolio though!! :)

  2. I think all your illustrations are great! I wish I could draw so well. And it's great that you have such a positive attitude. I would have a hard time not taking things personally.

  3. Julie,
    You could draw a stick figure and I would still think it was amazing. I like this new look but I am a watercolor fan through and through! Keep making amazing things!


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