Picture Book Marathon- Day 24

I see how much my baby boy  loves his binkie right now and I dread the day we'll have to wean him from it. However, it's much easier to wean a kid from a binkie than a thumb. I'll tell you my trick, I cut off the tip of the binkie nipple when the child isn't looking and leave it out for him/her (at about 2 years old). When the child puts it in, they don't like it.  they bring it to me and I say "I'm sorry, sweetie. It's broken. You'll have to throw it away or use it like that." None of my kids have ever chosen to keep using it. They throw it away themselves. Then when they ask for it later (at bedtime usually), I say, "Remember, it was broken and you threw it away." I know it seems deceptive, but it really has been less traumatizing for me and the child than if I were to take it away and just say, sorry you can't have it any more. So this story is inspired by that experience. Good luck all you parents out there weaning your children from binkies!


  1. Man, I'd love to be weaning Sam from a binkie. Unfortunately his addiction is snuggling with me, which is great, except he wants me in his bed with him all night long and for the entirety of his naps. We're working on weaning him from that before Daniel comes. I don't think it'd work quite as well for him to throw me away ;) Cute book idea though! I've been really enjoying reading your posts every day. So many fun ideas! I hope you get a chance to use them :)

  2. we need this book so badly!

  3. She's cute. Nice background too.

    I sense a great need for a book like this.

  4. I LOVE this cover illustration.


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