All for Nothing

I've never had it happen before, but a publisher has decided not to publish a book I illustrated.  They killed the job. Fortunately it was a "Flat Fee" project meaning there were no royalties in the contract. Instead, it was a large up-front flat fee. So if a project had to be killed before going to print, this would be the one because I'm not out any potential money by it never going to print. (Here's a link to a few posts about the project)

But no matter what the job is or was, it is really frustrating to have put in so many hours and months worth of time into it and then it never comes to fruition. Maybe I should see if any of the illustrations are sell-able. Here's what was going to be the cover...

copyright 2009 Julie Olson


  1. Boo! That stinks! Can you sell it as an e-book? I'm sorry to hear that. That is frusterating. Cute fairy!

  2. Sad! I had the same question as Shawna, it'd be nice if there was a way to keep all that work from going to waste!

  3. To sell it as an ebook, I'd have to have the author in on it. The author actually works FOR the publisher in house so that probably wouldn't work. Oh well.

  4. It's hard to handle but I was orphaned on my first book AFTER the book went to the catalogs. Arggh...well it give me a lot of portfolio stuff.
    There's always next time!

  5. Hey Julie. I don't know if you're into blogging awards, but I to passed the Liebster on to you so that other people can enjoy your blog as much as I do. Just wanted to share the love :)


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