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Today I was finishing up some line work on a book and I had a little ink left in the nib. So I quickly doodled this little girl. She just came out saying, "PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, can I have a puppy?!" This is my own daughter's daily request.

With 4 kids (one of them an active toddler), a home and a job to keep up with, a puppy would put me over the edge. Hence, I have to keep telling her no. Maybe this makes me a bad mom, but I think having another thing to take care of in my life would make me far worse. I'll leave the puppies to all you who can handle more chaos than I can. Good luck with the cute little furballs.

This doesn't look like my daughter, but this little girl came out saying the same thing...
"PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, can I have a puppy?!"

What a stinker.

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  1. Super cute! Haha this describes my little brother and sister exactly. They were always begging for a puppy too:)


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