So you wrote a story, Now what? : I want to publish a picture book

I often get approached by people (in person, via email, in passing) who have this story they've written or verbally told to their children a thousand times. More often than not, they believe it would make a great children's story. That may very well be. However, few people realize the sheer work involved in making a picture book. This post will direct you today to an AMAZING resource.

Rick Walton signing at "Writing and Illustrating for Young Readers" June 2009
My friend and author Rick Walton, has published over 90 books and is who we in the children's book community of Utah call "The Godfather." He has had a hand in helping nearly every published author or illustrator in this state and beyond. He is full of creativity and knowledge and generosity. He currently teaches courses at a local university including Children's Book Writing.

Okay, so when I mentioned he is generous, you don't know HOW generous. He has posted his entire course from how to write, how to get published, to how to market your book online for free. Check it out if you are interested.

And be sure to thank Rick in your first book.

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