Signed a Contract for a new Picture Book!!! YAY!

So a while back (last September...almost a year ago) I posted this...., talking about the WAIT after submitting a picture book and what I do while I wait. Well, yesterday I posted a review of what I did during the last month of waiting. :-) But I have great news!!!

I signed a contract for that picture book! I have to have it all finished by December 1, 2013 and it'll be out one year from now in June 2014. It's a patriotic book with a fun twist. I am VERY excited about it and can't wait to share it with you. I'll have to ask my new publisher how much I can share. :-)

possible interior illustration from upcoming book "From Sea to Shining Sea" copyright 2012 Julie Olson 


  1. Hooray!! Congratulations! I'm so excited to see it!

  2. A HUGE congratulations! That sounds like a tight deadline, but it'll be worth it. We look forward to your book's release!


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