Interviews on the Radio, TV and Book Signings

How lucky am I? Well read on and you'll find out. It's been an eventful month!

I recently spent a day doing radio interviews about my newest book Discover America: From Sea to Shining Sea and about the Playtex Baby campaign I'm currently creating portraits for.  Here are the links to the shows. It'd take a while to listen to them all but you could click on one or two. (have fun counting the "um's" and stumbles I make...hahaha)

My favorite interviewer was Larry and his cohost Robin in Orlando, FL with the source 96.3 FM 1370
He almost made me cry he was so kind. Hear the interview by clicking on the following link...
Another one that was very fun with Rob Mario...
All the others...
The next day I got to take a trip in a chauffeured car to a local TV news station where I was interviewed for my work on the Playtex Baby Campaign. 

Watch it HERE or a more grainy version below!

And finally, that Saturday, I participated in a local Book and Chalk Art Festival, signing books at my publisher's table. It was fun to share and talk about my book with many parents, teachers, kids and art lovers.

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