Big Trip Planned (because I'm getting old)

A few months ago I realized that this year would be my 20th High School Reunion and all of a sudden I began to feel my age. I developed arthritis in a few knuckles, I tore a tendon in my right elbow, and my left knee developed tendonitis. In all honesty those things didn't all happen after my realization but they have all happened in the last year or so. Hence, in reflection, I began to feel quite old in my little 5'1" body. However, let me tell you, in my not so little mind, I AM NOT OLD!

Do you hear that? I AM NOT OLD!!!! (ok, that one should've been loud had 4 exclamation points).

So I've decided that as I head back to my hometown this week for my 20th high school reunion, I am NOT going to feel old. As I visit and give 3 school presentations at my former elementary school, I am NOT going to feel old. And as I meet the children of my childhood best friend as I crash on her couch, I am NOT going to feel old.

My friend and I are going to stay up late (like til 10pm...if we can make it that longl) talking girl talk, eating popcorn and braiding each other's hair. Because I am NOT old.

I'm going to stand next to the tallest 5th grader at my elementary school and relish the fact that he/she is taller than I am so therefore...I am NOT old.

And finally, I'm going to dance like I'm 16 again at the reunion, telling my aching knees, hands, feet and elbows to stuff it, because...I am NOT old.

Oh and by the way, I here's where I will be doing school presentations and book signings while I'm in the Midwest. If any of you are anywhere in the vicinity, stop by the signing on Friday, which is my birthday by the way, and be sure to tell me I DON'T look old. ;-)

Friday, September 26th:

Highland Elementary School, Evansville, Indiana
grades 4-5 / 8:25 to 9:05 am
grades 2-3 / 9:30 to 10:15 am

grades K-1 / 10:15 to 10:45 am

Westside Catholic School, Evansville, Indiana
all school assembly 12:45pm

Book Signing at Barnes & Noble, 624 S Green River Rd, Evansville IN
6:30 pm

Monday, September 29th:

Stonegate Elementary School,  Zionsville, IN
9:30 - 10:00 - K & 1st
10:10 - 10:40 - 3rd & 4th
10:50 - 11:20 - 2nd 

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