The Three Amigos

Carol Lynch Williams, Cheri Earl and Rick Walton...the true "Three Amigos." While they are also friends of mine, they are most importantly friends of each other. For 30 years these three have stuck by each other's sides through everything. They are a wonderful example of what friendship should be.

So who other than Carol and Cheri could speak so truly of Rick at his funeral today. Their words made us laugh, made us cry and made us grateful to have been part of Rick's life in some way or another.

I know there were many people who were unable to attend today. But I think anyone who knew Rick, would absolutely love this tribute to him. Sorry for the poor quality. It was just a quick feeling I had that I should record their words so I hit record in a voice memo on my iphone.

So here it is...

If you cannot see the audio controls or if they don't work, your browser does not support the audio element (I know Safari works but Chrome doesn't)

Thank you, Carol and Cheri...and of course Rick.

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