The Princess Twins Collection

Today, I was surprised to receive an advance author/illustrator copy of "The Princess Twins Collection" in the mail. I hadn't even realized, the publishers were combining the 4 books into 1 volume. But I think it is a fabulous idea and I was amazed that the price for the volume is only $12.99 for a hardcover, fully illustrated, full color 128 page book. Pretty good deal if you ask me. But more than that, I was pleasantly surprised to find all that artwork for all those books in one place. It made me feel oddly proud and accomplished to see it all together and realize what a load of work it was.

some of the artwork piled on my desk two years ago

Two years ago today, I finished and submitted the last of the final artwork to the publisher for the books. So it seems fitting that I receive from THEM the newest edition of that artwork in print on this very day.

the newest edition includes all 4 books in one volume.
Each book had 32 pages of illustrations, which are all included in this new volume. That's a lot of artwork. It was a long process and I admit I was done drawing and painting princesses by the end. But it certainly was fun to see my old friends again.

If you are interested in getting a copy for yourself, your local bookstore would be happy to get it in for you if you but ask. It is also available online at

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