Free Baby Yoda Valentines Printables

Hi, Friends! Long time no write. I'm sorry about that. My life has been upside down since we moved and had to do a big home renovation project. But I wanted to pop on and give you a little gift for stopping by. How many of you watched The Mandalorian? You didn't? Well did your kids? Ok. So even if no one in your house watched it, you can't have missed the phenomenon that is "Baby Yoda" (technically not his name but the creators were dumb in not naming him outright if they didn't want "the Child" called Baby Yoda). Anyway, Baby Yoda is basically the cutest thing ever and the biggest craze with kids since Furbies. So, in honor of his cuteness, and popularity, I made you some Baby Yoda Valentines to print out for free. Enjoy!

And let me know in the comments if any of you would be interested in a 5x7 or bigger wall print of the baby without all the graphics around him. I'm thinking of selling some prints for cheap for fun.

Happy Valentines Day!

 Link to printable file
click image to get the printable page of valentines

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  1. Julie! These are so cute! Thank you for sharing your talent with all of us!


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