Crawling out from the construction

So I haven't posted for the last week because my office has been disassembled and I had to do a DVD slide show for my husband's grandmother's 75th birthday (on a moment's notice). Anyway, the unfinished basement where my studio was had no walls and no heat and extension cords for electricity. As the winter set in here, I began to freeze down there. So we moved the computer and various items to the bedroom and had it framed and heating ducts installed. After I layout the wiring schematics (sp?) my husband will drill and lay the electrical wiring and install insulation. My hands were turning numb down there and I couldn't take it anymore. To make the noise worse, the siding people came to replace our defective siding (which was still under warranty) this week too. It's been quite the mess and I have quite the headache. I am so looking forward to getting into the peaceful rhythm of painting next week. Thanksgiving will be at my mother-in-laws so I am glad I won't have to host or prepare the whole meal. Thankfully, my husband took me up to Robert Redford's Sundance Ski Resort for one night as a surprise was WONDERFUL! But I'm itching to get back to the real work in a warmer environment.

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