Some Color, Some Car, and Some Pie

This is the final color version that I never posted of that magazine illustration I did a while back. I thought I'd better show the final product not just the sketch. I haven't had time to start scanning the Already Asleep paintings as they finish, but I will soon hopefully.

We've been car shopping this week b/c we were down to one car (which doesn't really work when your husband has to commute to work and you've got 3 kids at home involved in school etc.). After much searching and deliberation, we got a stellar deal on a Chevy Tahoe. We're excited.

Today, I'm going to paint another spot from the Already Asleep book and then I've got to bake 2 fruit pies, 2 pumpkin pies, make a big jello and put together some appetizers for Thanksgiving at the in-law's tomorrow...and all my kids are home from school today. Busy day!

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  1. I hope you had fun driving to Thanksgiving dinner in your new Tahoe. Hope you didn't dump the jello in the back. I was fun visiting with you and your daughter at lunch the other day. She is soo cute. Nice illo.


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