Belly in the Mud

Here's the double page spread for "my pig Lynn" from the Already Asleep book. Any critiques? I think we need more of those honest critiques on these blogs. So how about it?


  1. Well honestly I think it's pretty perfect!! I know what you mean though it seems no one wants to offend anyone and as much as I enjoy those hapy little comments it would be great to get soem honest feedback (at least once in awhile LOL) ut this to my eye is fine as is!!

  2. i think the color pallette with the setting sun is beautiful and your drawings always have such strong, lovely lines. one thing you could change would be to bring the pig closer so we could see more detail (maybe her face slumped with food all over her wrinkled, pink snout) i like the cat in the background and the mom climbing over the fence, great details.

  3. Julie, I love the color choices. It looks like sunset. I think the picture is wonderful.

  4. I'd consider going into Photoshop and changing the image greyscale to see that the pig and mud has the highest contrast? I think you have a beautiful colour pallette though, and lovely design. Perhaps add some bluish orange to the mud? Anyways, keep up the amazing art!

  5. Your brother, Mike1/30/2006 2:42 PM

    Your pictures always amaze me, and thanks so much for the pictures of the boys. I noticed that with the heavy black outline the pig seems to float in the air rather than lie in the mud. Changing the black to a very dark color might incorporate the foreground objects a little better. The colors alone do an excellent job of providing contrast.


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