When I grow up

I just thought I'd share this with all of you.

My mother was going through old boxes and found a newspaper article she'd saved about me (when I was in fourth grade). I had been nominated to be the Evansville Courier (local paper) "All-Star Student." I can't believe that when I was only nine years old I knew what I wanted to be when I grew up...and I'm doing it. How lucky am I? Just in case you can't read the text in the article, this is what it says.

Julie (blanked out maiden name) is a cooperative and dependable student who excels in all subjects. Julie, who will be a fifth-grader next fall at Highland Elementary School, does especially well in art. "I would like to be an artist when I grow up," she said. "I like to spend a lot of time drawing pitures." Julie's teachers say she also is a talented writer who enjoys working with her classmates. She is a member of the school choir and plays the flute. [it was actually one of those Recorder Flute things] One of Julie's favorite pastimes is catching lightning bugs in the backyard. Julie is the sixth of nine children of Karen and James [blanked out last name]. "I like being in a big family," Julie said, "but sometimes I don't like having so many brothers (six)."


  1. This is so sweet! Thank you for sharing it! You are very lucky indeed to have stuck with your childhood dream. And by looking at the photos here, you didn't change that much either :)

  2. I was about to make a comment on that sweet cat up there (both, actually), but this story is just so wonderful. It´s great that your dream has come true!
    I´m also impressed by the number of your siblings. Wow!

  3. that is awesome!!!! yep, isnt it crazy how sometimes our dreams dont change? i wanted to do greeting cards when i was lil and still have that goal to this day...and books too! good that you have a clip of proof! haha

  4. Hey I liked your smile...
    your naughty smile, its like you havent lost it, like your dream...

    So glad that you are living what you dreamnt you'd be...very few amongst us are able to get there...

    I wish you all the best...
    Keep that "ear to ear smile" always up...


    Much appreciated for sharing your dream with us...


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