Illustration Friday: Cake

Wow...a month has gone by. I'm definitely seeing myself as a fair-weather blogger. My basement is now completely finished and illustration jobs are still going well. I thought I'd finally take a moment and at least post a sketch for this week's topic. It hearkens to that fateful cake exchange between bride and groom at wedding receptions. I just attended one on Saturday night (an old college illustration friend). But they refrained from the smash even though we were all chanting for it. I threatened my own husband if he were to smash cake on me at our reception. He refrained. Now I wish I would've loosened up. So here's how I WOULD'VE been had he not refrained.


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  2. Nice illo! My wife was the trouble maker with our cake... She nearly choked me by cramming the entire piece down my throat followed by the napkin! Ahh, nothing like a friendly little food fight to get the relationship started! Cool work- keep it up!

  3. I am totally an anti-cake-in-facer. I think it is sort of rude to try to humiliate your new spouse in front of the world. Seems an odd sort of practice, doesn't it?

    Anyhoo, cute illo...

  4. My husband was going to try that but I told him an annulment would follow. :)

  5. You are finally back. Bout time. Nice sketch. I like the guy's expression.

  6. Great expresions! I can't say that I think smashing cake in each other's faces seems like much fun!

  7. I don't like that cake face smashing thing at weddings. I'm glad you refrained! cute sketch

  8. When my husband and I got married...we simply fed one another a bite of cake! was rather romantic! ;)

    Your sketch is wonderul...and, the groom looks like he knows he may be sleeping alone on their first night as husband and wife!


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