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I'm working on illustrating a little Christmas Gift Book (out next year) that is a bit more for adults than children. I've never illustrated for the adult market before but was chosen to do this book b/c the publisher liked my style. The story does have a child in it, but the client wants a more grown up look to the illustrations. I was asked to show some of my illustrations before I got too far into the project. This was done for the opening page. The publisher called and said they loved the piece and the watercolor technique...BUT (there's always a big BUT)...they were hoping for even less detail and more simple illustrations...more still life type vignettes. That just makes my job all that much easier. I need to think more "greeting card" sophisticated and less silly children. My mind gets stuck there sometimes. The client worked out their initial ideas for each illustration so I could have a better idea of what they are looking for...much easier than reading someone's mind. Because, in the end, it's all about the CLIENT APPROVAL! They were great to let me know they didn't want to stifle my creativity in any way, but I said I could go with it and make it my own...but knowing what direction to head in makes it much easier to reach the desired destination. This is why some fine artists say that illustrating is just prostitution of art (sorry for the blunt term). But to me, it's just a collaboration and the end result can be just as magnificent.

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  1. Hello,
    Your illustrations are beautiful. I really like color and the way you draw children.
    On another note, I am illustrator that has been intimidated by the whole getting published factor. Do you know of any good resources or any tips that might help? I have heard getting noticed is like a needle in haystack.


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