Ever-Learning: Watercolor Master Class

So I've always wanted to take a master class on watercolor painting. I learned some techniques back in college and have just kept experimenting and developing since. But I don't feel I was ever taught well. But I don't feel I was ever taught well. I also really want to learn to paint landscapes better for this book idea I have. I finally made the time to take a 3-day course from a travelling professional, Carl Purcell. He's teaching a class at an art center close by next week. I'm excited.

Here's the info on the class...

Watercolor with Carl Purcell
Thursday – Saturday, April 26 – 28, 9:00am – 3:30pm
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Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn from nationally renowned watercolorist and author. Take your art to a new level when you understand the hidden order of patterns in nature. Everyone expresses a desire to “loosen up”, but loose is not how a painting is done. “Loose” is how a painting looks when instead of painting items, you paint the patterns we will cover in this
workshop, Paint with deliberation, and with a new freedom that will result in fresh, spirited paintings that seem to capture the vibrancy of nature. Even though this workshop is a watercolor workshop, the concept applies to any medium.
To see some of Carl’s work go to: www.carlpurcell.com

I admit, I'm also a little nervous. It's weird. I've been painting for years, but to go and actually paint in front of a "master" watercolorist, is nerve racking. I plan on just going in and approaching the class like I know nothing, follow all his instructions to the T, and hopefully emerge a better painter.

Here's to always learning and growing!

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