Free Printable Calendar Card- July 2012

With my rush to prepare for ALA and the WIFYR conference (and all my kids end of school stuff) I forgot to post June's Calendar Card Printout. I'm so sorry. For those of you who don't know, it was my goal to publish a free 4x6 printable calendar for you each month. Here is the calendar for July.
click to open the larger image then right click to save to your desktop
And here are some images of March's Calendar so you can get an idea of how to print or use your little calendar. Enjoy!
print the calendar on larger paper at the bottom half, print, embellish, and fold

print on a 4x6 photo card and put on a magnet board with a cute magnet


  1. I did these once a month back in 2012. I haven't planned on doing any in 2013 as free printables. Is that what you are asking...if I am doing 2013 calendars for free?


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