How to Create a Digital PDF Dummy Book

I also promised my WIFYR class that I would post a tutorial on how to create a digital dummy book. Some editors prefer to receive submissions only through email, so this version of the dummy is important.

You need Adobe Acrobat Standard or Pro (not just the reader) to complete this tutorial and create your digital pdf.

  • Open Adobe Acrobat and Click FILE, CREATE PDF, FROM MULTIPLE FILES

  •  Click the ADD FILES icon...

  •  Select all the files you'd like to add and click ADD FILES. You can do double page spreads OR each as a single page. Doing single pages is just fine if you already have those files created. When viewing the pdf, you should simply instruct the viewer to choose 2pages up continuous view in the viewing options. Just make sure they are saved in alphabetical/page order

  •  When they are imported, make sure they are in proper order. If not, select the file which is out of order and click on the MOVE UP or MOVE down arrow til it's in the right spot. 

  •  When they are in the proper order, Click MERGE FILES INTO A SINGLE PDF and wait.

  •  It's that simple. Choose two-up continuous view.  SAVE FILE.

  •  If your file is too large, you can reduce it by choosing DOCUMENT, OPTIMIZE SCANNED PDF, set the settings to low resolutions.


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