Parade Portrait Sale: Perfect Christmas Gift

I have a very special offer for you! 

Instead of my usual 10% off Parade Portrait Christmas sale, I am offering a 15% discount for the first 7 parade portrait commissions booked. I've never done this before, but I thought that since this has been an especially difficult year for everyone, you could use an especially good discount. 

What is a Julie Olson Custom Parade Portrait?

     An 11x14 (or longer depending on number of people portrayed) hand-drawn and hand-painted depiction of children or an entire family which actually will look like the person. Optional free inclusions: Family name or motto banner, items of interest for each person, specific items of clothing depicted. 

What does it cost?

     I AM OFFERING 15% OFF  FOR THE FIRST 7 CUSTOMERS and 10% off for the next three. The cost is normally $350 for up to 4 people in a portrait. Each additional person is $50 and pets are $25. Each person in the portrait gets 1-2 objects to be depicted along with the rendering of the person if desired. But with the 15% discount the price is reduced to $297 for up to 4 people. Each additional person is $42.50 and each pet/animal is $21.25. 
     To get started on your portrait, I only require 25% down. The rest isn't due until I deliver the final painting to you.

How do I order? PLACE ORDER before December 1st. First come first served
  1. email:  jujubeeillustrations (at) gmail  (dot) com with PARADE PORTRAIT REQUEST in the subject line
  2. subject of email: include names and ages of people to be depicted and hobby or interest or pose you'd like shown, and any special bonds/connections between people to be depicted (so I can place those people interacting with each other more. In addition, include your mailing or drop off address for delivery.
  3. attachments to email: send 2 photos of each person, one side view shot of their head and neck only with a smile on their face, and the other of a side profile view their full body frozen in a walking position if possible (in particular clothing if you want that depicted). Send any pictures of favorite items you'd like included (blankie, toy, musical instrument, sport equipment etc)
    NOTE: if you'd like to have the people facing forward and stationary, please let me know in the email and provide front facing photos instead. 
  4. I will respond with a paypal or venmo (whichever you prefer) invoice for the down payment and a confirmation message 
  5. I will draw paint and deliver your custom work of art by December 20th or sooner (if order placed by December 1)!
I am able to work easily with anyone from anywhere in the world.


(click to see larger view)

capture your kids' personalities and favorite things all in one portrait
include favorite pets or hobbies

The family name can go on a flag or even a family motto

I can create art from old photos as well. This family was put together from an array of photos from the 1990's since all of their kids are now grown and out of the house.
why not add the family hen house as well

I also create portraits for families who may have lost a loved one but want to keep them forever in their hearts. 

capture the joy of youth

or depict the kids before they all go off into the world

whatever you'd like to include, I can make it happen

Perfect gift for grandparents as well

This sweet girl lost her husband in a sudden accident so I depicted him alive and happy with the whole family for her. (he's in the red shirt in the middle)

Perfect gift for moms

Or the perfect gift for adoring dads

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