David Small is Inspiration

I've been thinking about LINE recently. I've been thinking about how much I love LINE, how much Line expresses, and how much BETTER I need to get with my own LINE in my drawings/illustrations. I started to sift back through some notes and posts and sketches. I came across one of my idols especially in regard to expressive LINE.

David Small.
Me and David Small at Dinner
Sarah Stewart and I with our HATS
I've had the opportunity to be his (and his wife's) host at a conference for a few days and gained great inspiration from our discussions. The bits of his life story he shared gave me glimpses into from where his artistic expression emanates.  And the fullness that his added to his life and art can be better understood only by seeing him and his sweetheart, Sarah Small, together. His art is amazingly expressive with a few simple lines. And then he adds tone and value and it's even more alive.

Here are some notes I took a few years back in my sketchbook. Click to see larger and read.

David's graphic memoir, "Stitches," gives everyone a glimpse into his life growing up. Not a book for young children, but for teens and adults, the art in "Stitches" is a prime example of his mastery of expression. Thanks for the inspiration.

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