Frank Viva's "Along a Long Road"

Today I wish I were in Frank Viva's "Along a Long Road." I love this picture book. It does so many things well.

First of all, it's a simple but complete story...a journey of a boy on a bike...complete with ups and downs.

Second, it's visually stunning to me. The vintage yet modern, poster-style, graphic images make me feel an odd nostalgia. The simple, well-designed shapes give the whole setting...even the speed of the cyclist. And I love how the road never ends. From cover to cover, each road picks up where the other left off as you turn the page, following the words as they end saying "And start all over again."

Third, the quality of the paper and embellishments push the book above and beyond. The matte paper feels thick and soft to the touch while the shiny yellow road begs to have a finger follow along.

Finally, as a very amateur cyclist myself, this book makes me want to get out and RIDE! So this February day, I'm missing my bike and the open road. Alas, there it hangs, in the garage on the wall. But thank you, Frank Viva, for allowing me to go "Along a Long Road" with you instead.

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  1. It is almost warm enough to get out on our bikes, but not quite. The wind chill would get to us.


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